Monday, 26 December 2011

          assalamualaikum . . today is 26th December 2011 and another 5 more days we're going to celebrate NEW YEAR . . I'm so excited ! :) For this entry I would like to tell all of you about  WHAT I'M GOOD AT , WHAT I'M SO GOOD AT , WHAT PRACTICES I WANT TO CONTINUE AND WHAT I WISH TO IMPROVE . . It's a second post that our lecturer Miss Hema ask us to do . .
          What I'm good at ? Let me think first . . I think I'm good at judging people especially those who are close to me . All my llife I've met many people especially girls my age . My classmates , schoolmates , neighbours and others people I've met and mix with . I know when people are close to me because they just want something to me and I also know when they are honest and sincere to me . So far my judgement has never failed me .Luckily , I've not yet been disappointed with them .
          What am I so good at ? I'm so good at keeping my mouth shut . I know when to speak up and I know when to keep quiet . For example whenever my parents are angry with me and I know it's my fault , I never fight back instead I keep my mouth firmly shut . I guess this is because I don't like to be involve in fights .
          To answer the question what practices I want to continue , no doubt Teaching English Second Language ( TESL ) . I think I've fallen in love with this course so after this  I want to pursue my study in TESL  . Before this I taught this course would be difficult for me but I was wrong . Even though it's not that easy I think I can go through it with a lot of hard work .
          Lastly the thing that I want to improve is how I talk in public . I've never done any public speaking in front of such a big audience before except when I was in school . Now I realise that I've so much to improve in my public speaking . I hope I'll learn to do my public speaking confidently .
          That's all for this entry . Till we meet again in the next post . Bye . . :)